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Izuchukwu Kenneth Ugwu
Member Since: June 23, 2017
Location: Abuja ZZ Nigeria

Last Updated: June 23, 2017

About Me:
I am a Nigerian Registered Dental Therapist. Graduated from Federal School of Dental Technology and Therapy Enugu State Nigeria. An analytic, creative, enthusiastic and resilient individual, I'm strongly motivated by the humanitarianism, to restore broken smiles on the faces of the people, goal oriented with work experience and interpersonal skills required in the current work environment. I participated in oral health programs in many states, communities, schools, markets and Churches across Nigeria ;where I participated in treatments such as scalling and polishing of the teeth,educates on the issue related to oral health and how to maintain good oral health. Pregnant women are not left out as oral health is extremely important for their baby. I believe that a healthy mouth is a healthy body as mouth is the gateway to the general body, I therefore humbly write to looking for away to touch lives and contribute to the health of the world, to make an impact in community and global health. I have the ability to work as a team and to work under pressure. Good communication skills and easily adapt to a new working environment. I have interest in working with a team of professionals, to work towards achieving and exceeding set goals within the specified time in a working environment and to offer applicable solutions irrespective of the daring challenges. To build a dream career in a dynamic global organisation. I will be of my best if given the opportunity to volunteer with your highly reputable organisation.
Health Specialty: Dental Hygienist
Area of Focus: Dental hygiene /Dental Therapy /Oral health education /Dental assistant
Skills: ability to work as a team and to work under pressure
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Available To Meet Other Members: yes
Virtual Volunteer:
Languages Spoken: English
Hobbies: Reading, listening to Radio, Traveling, Football, Adventures.
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