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Who can volunteer or work?

Anybody! (You don't even need to have any formal health care training) Social workers, retired people, physicians, students, nurses, teachers, lawyers, EMTs, civilians, surgeons, the general public, armed forces personnel, specialty physicians, veterinarians, dental hygenists, pharmacists, general dentists, specialty dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, healthcare social workers, optometrists, physical therapists, imaging technicians and even other caring people may volunteer health care services anywhere in the world. In fact, we've seen everybody from Peace Corps workers to the layperson volunteer health care services all over the world. If you are somebody with no health care training you may search under the health care function: "All Trainable Volunteers" from our search page. To get started just click the link at the top of the page.

How can I volunteer or find a job?

Easy! Simply think about where and what type of volunteering project or job fits your requirements. Then go to our search page to find an opportunity that meets your requirements. Remember to be reliable and to honor any committments you make as the needy people of this world are relying on you!

  1. HealthCare Search - Search for volunteering / jobs by company/organization name, description, location and more.
  2. HealthCare Volunteer Trips - Volunteer abroad in one of our programs across the world starting in 2007! Apply now!
  3. HealthCare Patients - Find needy patients in your local community so you can treat needy patients and give back to your local community
  4. Project Requirements - The world's directory for health care volunteering licensure, working abroad visas, malpractice insurance requirements and contact information enabling volunteers of all types to volunteer anywhere. Help us make it better or look up information for yourself!
  5. Public Health Aid Network - A disaster network for volunteers to help out in their local communities at local hospitals and clinics during times of public health events
  6. Connect with People - Connect with fellow volunteers and job seekers, send messages, form new teams, exchange ideas and improve health
Why should I sign up for a volunteering account?

  1. Search for listings and view email addresses of all organizations you are interested in.
  2. Search for health-related jobs!
  3. Make inquiries and send messages directly through our system to organizations.
  4. It's 100% free and it takes only a minute to sign up!
  5. Track your search history.
  6. Join our HealthCare Volunteer Public Health Aid network so you can help in the event of a local disaster (We make this service available free to your local government in the event of a public health event).
  7. Upload a volunteering resume.
  8. Write Volunteeer Experience Reviews .
  9. Create a volunteering profile, connect with other volunteers anywhere in the world, meet new people to start volunteering groups or trips together.
  10. Your own personal fundraising/donations page for volunteering activities/trips
  11. Receive email alerts whenever a new organization is added that meets your alert preferences and much more!
  12. See our Help Section for more