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Last Updated: 07.16.14
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Call for Volunteers and interns
Volunteer with disadvantaged children in Uganda
Disadvantaged Children are no different from other children (and their mothers). They want a clean, healthy and happy environment to grow in. They need adequate and nutritious food to grow strong, medical attention when they fall sick. They need schools and health centres and play facilities. Need to improve the local water sources and psycho-social therapy for children is critical. Our top priority presently is to explore collective effort to put up permanent structures, namely: health centre and primary school. We request that interested volunteers join us make this world a better place to live in.
1.0. Background of Kalambi Community Outreach Project
Kalambi Community Outreach Project (KACOP) is a Ugandan Community Based Organisation (CBO) which started in 2011. It is duly registered with Wakiso District Community Development Office under Registration Number WCBO/1216/13. KACOP is a non-profit, non-sectarian organisation that, among other things, seeks to improve the living conditions of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCs) by providing them with health, education and psycho-social support. For details on the background of KACOP, we refer you to our website: just type “kacopcommunity uganda” to find it on the web or www.kacopcommunity.com

2.0. Overview of Uganda
We hereby present an overview of Uganda as well as the local community (Buganda region, Wakiso District and Kalambi parish). This, we believe will quickly give the prospective volunteers a bird’s view of the economy, culture, lifestyle and infrastructure.
The country-Uganda
Uganda is naturally endowed in terms of weather (rain and shine all year round), a pleasant, courteous people with diversely rich culture. It is not surprising that former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, named it the “Pearl of Africa”. It offers plenty in terms of scenic view including the low-lying yet snow capped Ruwenzori mountains, the hot springs of Kitagata, the equator which straddles the sunny country, lots of near-impenetrable forests , the second longest river-the Nile which takes its waters from Jinja –Uganda’s second town(with new discoveries suggestion Tanzania) and the second largest fresh water lake-Victoria. There are beautiful falls comparable to Niagara (USA) or Zambezi falls in Zimbabwe.
The people dance the marriage dances, funeral dances, twin dances and sing with much energy. On one hand a volunteer would be improving lives of those in need and on the other hand, experience some of the most memorable trips of a lifetime.
The country, despite the natural blessings, sadly, went through much misrule and development stagnated. The country is fast catching up but is still far behind many countries. In 2012, Uganda was ranked country number 161 out of the 182 countries ranked on the UN human development index. The District of Wakiso is a complete circle surrounding the capital city of Kampala. Just in the region of 25-45 kilometres radius from the city, the District exhibits signs of both a per-urban and rural area. Kalambi is about 18 kilometres from Kampala (Mityana main road) and 0.5kilometres off this main road. It is a typical rural area of Uganda.

3.0. Justification for volunteers

KACOP routinely carries out a needs assessment of children in parts of Wakiso District as our primary target group. Our findings reveal the rampant prevalence of child protection and HIV/AIDS issues. This includes domestic violence as well as child abuse. There is high dropout of children from school, owing to minimal facilitation of UPE “free” schools. Government provides each child with 7000 shillings (3 dollars) annually as tuition fees. This problem is compounded by poorly paid teachers who have to teach overcrowded classes. The children come in without exercise books or pens and many are turned back due to lack of uniforms. So, while there is a policy of free education for all, in practice, many drop out.
Children who drop out become delinquents. They depict signs of psycho-social disturbance as a result of the difficult circumstances. Most children lack toys and adequate play facilities.
In terms of health, so many commonly get diarrhea, these are as a result of poor sanitation, hygiene and water shortage. Malaria continues to kill many children (and pregnant mothers) with as many as 340 people dying daily.
HIV/AIDS, with Over 130,000 new HIV infections recorded in the country each year [2011 Uganda AIDS Indicator Survey {UAIS} from February to September, 2011]. The report also indicates that among children under age five, HIV prevalence in Wakiso district is at 10.6.
The challenges of children are therefore daunting and Kalambi has neither the financial nor diverse human resource to address these problems. Kalambi team however has passion for what we do, whatever little we can. We have in the past hosted volunteers who have matched our passion and contributed selflessly. Using volunteers has enabled us jointly accomplish what we could not have done on our own. Building on these past achievements, we are desirous of engaging as many volunteers as will be willing to partner with us.
Some children are traumatized and in need of psycho-social therapy using every form. A music/dance, acting trainer would be most handy. The making of energy efficient stoves, hand crafts and briquettes is another focal area and so is construction of toilets for needy homes. We are ready to enter discussions with anybody who has the time and whatever skill and goal they may have.
KACOP has a systematic and well laid out procedure for our volunteers. We are confident that by combining work with some sightseeing/learning experience, our volunteers can find the experience mutually rewarding.
We can able lobby Ministry of Internal /immigration officials who can ease the bureaucracy of securing Visas for the intending volunteers. Every person equipped mostly with passion to find lasting solutions is most welcome. Together we can make lives of many disadvantaged children as well as women much better.

4.0. KACOP’s experience with volunteers in the recent past

We have successfully hosted Tom Bye from England who made great impact teaching the community vegetable gardening. This was aimed at improving household incomes as well as nutrition for children and women.
Kalambi hosted Nicole Carr from Jamaica who contributed in several ways. Donated clothes to the very needy children and joined the mobilization effort of women with much charisma in hand craft.
We hosted Maike Klother from Germany who participated in the childhood development plan for KACOP and made follow up on how children rights is violated both at school, way back and at their homes.
We were also privileged to host Kirsten and Violette from Netherlands who built the capacity of the staffs in data management, provided psycho-social support to needy children, made research on organizational management and sustainability as well resource mobilization. This is critical in the sustainability of KACOP.
There lots of local volunteers from the community and professionals from high institutions of learning that have matched the needs of the community were we serve.
To all these volunteers, we are extremely grateful.

5.0. Present and future need for volunteers and other support

Our website spells out some of the areas we are most interested in. These call for volunteer social workers, fundraisers, Teachers, consultants, physicians, nurses, engineers, technicians…the list is however non-exhaustive. We welcome anybody who shares our passion. Whatever a volunteer’s background, we believe together we can make a small but significant contribution in positively changing people’s lives.

For more information contact:

Francis Sekate
Executive Director
Kalambi Community Outreach Project
P.O BOX 35778 Kampala Uganda
Baranger Caroline
London based volunteer coordinator

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