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Volunteer for Community Development Environment Education Organization VFCD
No 4, Lane 23, Xuan La street
Hanoi,0084,Viet Nam

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Last Updated: 08.01.10
Web Site | Email Organization | Telephone No.
Countries/States Served: VN
People Utilized or Employed: Masters Student
Types of Students Allowed:
Medical Students, Premedical Students, Dental Students, Predental Students, Nursing Students, Prenursing Students, Pharmacy Students, Veterinary Students, Preveterinary Students, Optometry Students, Preoptometry Students
Program Length: Short Term (Less than 1 month) and Long Term (Greater than 1 month)
Language Skills:
Religious Affiliations:
University Affiliations: Manhattan College, University of Washington School of Medicine
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
About Us
Volunteer for Community Development and Environment Education (VFCD) is a non-government, non-profit organization in Vietnam with a mission to build global community events through local environmental and community services. As the first local Non-Government volunteer organization in Vietnam with official status to have volunteer programs VFCD provides opportunities that make a difference to the lives of people from all parts of the world. The organization also works to setup sustainable projects to protect the environment, provide basic education for vulnerable groups, and encourage community development and cultural exchange.

Our Mission
To set up International Voluntary Projects that develops communities and promotes conservation of the natural environment. Our programs and projects provides a volunteer service that creates opportunities for people from all over the world, giving them the chance to change their lives and the lives of the people they help.
We are also setting up sustainable community development projects to provide basic education and life skills for vulnerable groups..


The activities we offer for the volunteers are different and will be undertake both in urban and rural areas. Then, urban based volunteers have the option to travel to rural areas for special event as workcamps, research trip or festivals to promote cultural exchange and live with local people.
VFCD have a variety of projects that educate both children and adults in various capacities. Access to education changes the life of Vietnamese children. It allows them to break the vicious poverty cycle that they would otherwise be destined for. Through education they can gain invaluable skills that can further assist in the development of the community and themselves.
Volunteer For Disadvantaged Children

With a deep belief that Education is fundamental to human progress, enabling individuals and communities to acquire skills and knowledge essential for improving their quality of life. But for vulnerable groups disadvantage children, rural young, access to basic education is limited. Volunteer program is carried out by VFCD at centres for street, disable, and orphanage children locating in Hanoi.
Volunteers participating in this program will provide children through assisting Vietnamese teachers, and organizing educational games and activities for the students. Local and international volunteers will work cooperatively to create educational programs which include both Vietnamese and English subjects. Moreover, volunteers can join many extra activities such as painting, cooking, cleaning, and making handicrafts. VFCD wish to improve their level of education, their access to knowledge and basic life skills so that these students can lead better lives and be integrated into the community.

Improving Business Capacity For Vulnerable Groups
VFCD is also trying to support those are in very vulnerable conditions, both in Hanoi and in the rural areas where the organization work in, in order to make them develop micro and small business for instance through fair market and fair trade networking that could allow them to sell their products and handicrafts earning some resources to improve their conditions.
This activity need to be launched as a pilot one during next months and we really would need the help of international volunteers in order to:
- Establish partnership in the Fair Trade International Network;
- Identify target group as possible producers;
- Improve the quality of life of participating target groups by providing tools and opportunities to improve their income, production skills and enhance their role within their communities;
- Improve the institutional capacity of producer organizations to service craft producers through effective production management and provision of opportunities for enhanced participation;
Action for Environment
VFCD has carried lot of communication activities about environmental protection and education, counting on the support of Vietnamese volunteers, for instance the one of the LYD Club.
Our environmental program is known as mutually social interaction, in which people participating together exchange knowledge about environmental issues and responsibility.

The program consists mainly of:
- Interaction among individuals or small groups on issues concerning environemt;
- Workshops on environmental responsibilities, protection, sensitization;
- Public media involvement;
- Exhibitions;
- Campaign launching and promoting;
- Environmental Clubs support;
International and local volunteers will be invited in joining our environmental activities taking part in them on an active basis and sharing with us knowledge, ideas and initiatives.

“If you have come to HELP me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because you think that your liberation is linked to mine, let’s work together”

This aboriginal proverb explains well the spirit of international voluntary service as we understand it: an act of mutual solidarity during which everyone receives and everyone gives. The voluntary service project is a microcosm of different people living and working together for some time, exchanging cultures, skills, ideas, values. International work camps have been used as a tool to foster intercultural learning, reconciliation and dialogue among cultures ever since the shock of World War I in the 1920s. The first idea was the result of meeting of a group of people following First World War (1914-1918).They decided that they had to do something active to try to deal with both sides, the dreadful effects of the war, and to find a way to overcome the causes of further conflict.

Volunteer recruitment:
What skills are needed: Willingness and open mind
How long volunteers can stay: 1 to 12 week
Food and accommodation provision: providing by us
Costs or are volunteers paid: 150 per week
age requirements: 18+
Languages: English

Volunteer for Community Development Environment Education Organization
Address : No 4, Lane 23, Xuan La street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone : (+84) 858 734 30 +841998684559
Email : vfcd.org@gmail.com
Website : www.vfcd.org

Contact person: Trinh Son

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