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The Sycamores
210 S. DeLacey Ave., Suite 110
Pasadena,CA,91105,United States

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Last Updated: 02.22.06
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Countries/States Served: CA
People Utilized or Employed: Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work
Types of Students Allowed:
Premedical Students, Predental Students, Prenursing Students, Prepharmacy Students, Preveterinary Students, Preoptometry Students
Program Length: Short Term (Less than 1 month) and Long Term (Greater than 1 month)
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
Therapeutic Behavioral Service
This mental health service provides children with a counselor and support team to help them remain at home instead of being admitted to a residential treatment program. Service is available 24 hours per day.

PACE (Partnerships and Community Engagement) After-School Mental Health Activities is a program designed to provide activities and experiences for children and their families to help them achieve therapeutic goals through recreational and experiential activities. A wide variety of special programs are offered to children (usually in ten-week cycles); children select those activities that appeal to them and stimulate their desire to participate. Highly trained group leaders and clinicians instruct small groups. At the end of the cycle, all course leaders and child participants celebrate individual and group accomplishments with group presentation to which parents are invited.

Who We Serve
Participants in PACE Mental Health Activities include children in out-of-home placement (group homes and residential treatment) and youth attending The Sycamores non-public school.

Services Provided

Individual Therapy: Each child/youth is assigned a Qualified Mental Health Professional who provides individual therapeutic services weekly. At minimum, individual therapy occurs weekly and on an as-needed basis. Therapy is individualized to the needs of each specific child and family. Each client??s treatment goals guide the therapeutic interventions to help move each child/youth toward increased functioning within the community.

Family Therapy: Collateral therapy will involve parents/guardians and family, siblings, other extended family and/or other significant persons who are willing to assume an active role in the youth??s life. Family therapy is directed at working together in a collaborative manner to help increase positive relations and functioning of the child/youth within his/her family unit and, therefore, within the community.

Group Therapy: Therapy groups will focus on children/youth learning, practicing and implementing life-management skills that will improve their ability to develop family and personal relationships and offer them greater control of their mood management. These groups will address common emotional and behavioral issues of the children. Emphasis will be on becoming aware of one??s feelings, learning to articulate one??s feelings, decreasing isolation and developing ongoing, effective coping mechanisms. Groups will be geared towards meeting treatment needs of the individuals participating and working toward successful reintegration into the community. Group topics may include anger management, stress management, social skills, communication, self-expression, impulse control, depression, reality testing, self-esteem/human sexuality, substance abuse, grieving and loss and safe touch/boundaries.

Anger Management: This group process will focus on learning skills and techniques to help recognize the cycle of anger, as well as develop new strategies to deal with feelings. Children and youth are encouraged to identify and control impulsive behaviors and to express their needs verbally. Clients are provided with an opportunity to problem solve, while giving and receiving feedback. Specialized anger and stress management groups are offered and elements of anger and stress management are incorporated throughout most groups offered through Mental Health Services. Staff involved includes clinicians, mental health rehabilitation specialists and professional group leaders who are assisted by activities counselors.

Substance Abuse: This group process focuses on the psycho-educational components of learning to help clients understand the dangers of substance abuse and how it affects their brains. The group will also address issues of mixing illegal drugs with the youth??s currently prescribed medicine.

Crisis Intervention and Support are available as needed: Trained and committed staff responds to the child/youth??s unplanned crisis, enabling the individual to cope with a crisis. The philosophy is that every crisis is a creative opportunity to teach children and youth the skills and competencies that will promote progress toward treatment goals, while enabling the client to maintain his/her status as a functioning community member.

Trips and Activities
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