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270 W 96th St
New York,NY,10025,US

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Last Updated: 03.04.14
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Countries/States Served: NY
People Utilized or Employed: Trainable Volunteers, Psychology, Nursing, Public Health, Dietitian, Social Work
Types of Students Allowed:
Medical Students, Premedical Students, Dental Students, Predental Students, Nursing Students, Prenursing Students, Pharmacy Students, Prepharmacy Students, Veterinary Students, Preveterinary Students, Optometry Students, Preoptometry Students
Program Length: Short Term (Less than 1 month) and Long Term (Greater than 1 month)
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
Based in New York City, Sprout is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovative programs for adults with developmental disabilities.
Our participants have the opportunity to experience age-appropriate, recreational and leisure activities in a small group setting. By offering these experiences, we hope to enhance the mobility, self-confidence and socialization of our participants. And through community-based activities, Sprout strives to break down some of the barriers that exist between participants and the general public.

Vacation Program - Groups of 11 participants are accompanied by 3 Sprout leaders to various destinations in the U.S. as well as overseas. Vacations are available all year long and vary from 3 to 8 days long.

NYC Day and Evening Program - Groups of 11 participants are accompanied by 3 Sprout leaders to various events and activities in New York City. This year long program offers the opportunity to experience New York City through fun and cultural events.
Make-a-Movie Program - Since 1994, Sprouts Make-A-Movie program has turned cameras on adults with developmental disabilities for a series of fun, poignant and richly drawn videos. This innovative program offers people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to star in and be part of the creative video-making process.

Sprout Film Festival - Sprout invites you to experience film and video related to the field of developmental disabilities at this annual event. People with developmental disabilities as subjects and performers remain marginalized in film and television. The festival aims to raise their profile by showcasing works featuring this population.

Leadership Program - Individuals interested in volunteering in any of Sprouts programs are trained to become Sprout leaders. Sprout Leaders provide the support and care our participants need in order to enjoy and experience both our vacation and NYC Programs.


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