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Loma Linda University Medical Center
11234 Anderson Street
Loma Linda,CA,92354-2870,United States

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Last Updated: 11.10.06
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Countries/States Served: CA
People Utilized or Employed: Trainable Volunteers
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
Loma Linda University Medical Center was established in 1905 to provide the highest level of professional and spiritual care to its community. The Medical Centers motto, To Make Man Whole, expresses an emphasis on the social and spiritual aspects of the patient and family, as well as their physical needs. Over 300 distinct medical services are offered by the Medical Center, providing care for thousands of inpatients and outpatients annually. Each patient is given personalized and highly skilled care by our dedicated health-care professionals. In addition to a capacity of over 750 beds, the Medical Center houses research, clinic, and teaching facilities.

Who can volunteer?
Anybody can volunteer. Volunteers are caring people just like you and me who want to enrich lives--their own and those of the people they touch. Never has there been such a need for caring as there is today.

Do I need certain skills to be a volunteer?
Volunteering takes somebody with your special skills. We need mothers, fathers, students, the disabled, retirees, people changing careers, and people who work in other fields but have a commitment to their communities and wish to help. While most volunteers are individuals, organized groups can volunteer as well. Our volunteers begin at age 14 and go beyond 80 years of age. We only require three special qualities: caring hearts, the goodwill to help others, and the unselfish realization that by volunteering you are also helping yourself.

It takes individuals like you, or entire groups, who are dedicated to personal giving, the rewards of service, and the satisfaction of caring for the human community. In short, it takes that somebody special that lives within all of us.

When are volunteers needed?
Loma Linda University Medical Center volunteer services needs caring people like you seven days a week. There is no minimum amount of volunteer time. You may volunteer a few hours per week, per month, full-time, or seasonally. We offer flexible morning, afternoon, or evening hours that can turn hospital stays into friendships, medical treatment into healing, and human service into actualization.

What type of volunteer work is needed?
Placing you as a volunteer is an interaction of hospital needs, your desires, and what positions are available. There are many types of volunteer programs available.

You will be working alongside health-care professionals in the hospital or in outpatient clinics. Trained personnel will orient, educate, and train you in helping others -- preparation for the important service of volunteering. Whether you like working directly with patients or prefer helping in other aspects, together we can help find what is best for you.
Map To Our Volunteering Location
1542 Tremont Street, Roxbury, MA
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