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Hope Development Volunteers
Mukono- Jinja Road

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Last Updated: 06.17.12
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Countries/States Served: UG, KE, TZ, RW, BI, SD, CD, UG
People Utilized or Employed: Trainable Volunteers, General Preventive Medicine, Nursing, All Trainable Volunteers, Agriculture/farming, Care Giver, Business development, Artist, Carpenter, Certified Nursing Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Health Educator, High School Student, Marketing, Pre-medical Student, Teacher, Social Work, Public Administration, Public Health, Nursing
Types of Students Allowed:
Medical Students, Premedical Students, Dental Students, Predental Students, Nursing Students, Prenursing Students, Pharmacy Students, Veterinary Students, Preveterinary Students
Program Length: Long Term (Greater than 1 month)
Language Skills: English, English
Religious Affiliations:
University Affiliations:
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Current Volunteer Opportunities (Unpaid Positions)
Medical Volunteer Placements in Africa, Uganda needed for 1 to 3 months
Opportunity Description: Becoming a medical volunteer is an amazing choice for a gap year – demanding, rewarding and inspirational. If you’re interested in becoming a medical volunteer write to us: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com Medical volunteer: is part of the positive change In Africa, a medical volunteer can assist in hospitals if they have medical qualifications, and if not there are just as valuable placements in orphanages. Other medical volunteer placements include helping to improve life in African slums and working as assistants on mobile clinics organized in Bush villages. Wherever you choose to be a medical volunteer, you can be sure of one thing – you are part of positive change. Children's Hospital Volunteers: You will be Volunteering in Uganda or Kenya spending time enriching the lives of patients in a hospital dedicated to sick and injured young children. Although the children in the hospitals have experienced some terrible situations, by working within a team, your role is to bring fun, excitement and enjoyment to the wards. Spending time on this option is a great way to sample the essence of Africa all in one go. You’ll see the pick of the best places to visit in Uganda or Kenya with sight-seeing excursions, Village trekking, combined with really important volunteer work close to some of the most beautiful Mountains in the world. Minimum 4 weeks. Community Medical Volunteers: Be a medical volunteer abroad in one of Africa’s needy countries. Spend your time volunteering in many different project areas from field dressing clinics to local orphanages on this medical program. This is a great way to enhance your medical experience and make a huge difference with your expertise. Uganda and Kenya are one of Africa’s poorest countries and you can help by giving locals access to a better standard of healthcare. Write to: volunteer@volunteerabbroadafrica.com
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 10
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Community Development Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda needed for 1 to 3 months
Opportunity Description: We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to give something back regardless of age or disability. The purpose of worldwide volunteering is foremost to serve, and thereby, to learn first-hand about the host community and its people. It is not simply an alternative to a standard vacation, but an opportunity to use your skills and interests in an unconventional setting to benefit others in a community that has requested your help. Hope Development Volunteers has been actively involved in various community development programs in Africa. Unlike other projects, HDV programs are volunteer initiated, volunteer run long-term, planned and sustainable projects that really make a real difference to the lives of the people who live in these communities. These programs provide meaningful volunteering projects for the general public, University and College groups, Medical Schools, Churches and Businesses in collaboration with local grass roots organizations, schools, and local communities. All our projects are fully immersive and require volunteers to be fully committed and resourceful. In each case, the benefits of your efforts and services go immediately and directly to the under privileged, needy and to communities where a little help makes a BIG difference. volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 10
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Conservation Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda needed for 1 to 3 months
Opportunity Description: Conservation volunteering projects are the best way to protect the planet from becoming less and less green. Without conservation volunteering projects like these ones offered by Hope Development Volunteers, many species of plant and wildlife will end up going into history! Visit some of the most beautiful places on earth and do your bit as a conservation volunteer to stop it happening. Wildlife and Community Experience an exciting and varied volunteer project on a beautiful Game Reserve in Uganda and Kenya. Assist in conservation management whilst learning new skills and meeting some great people. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a worthwhile community project. Please write to us with your resume attached and we shall send you more details: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com or call us: +256757389926 Uganda Environmental and Cheetah Conservation Get close to the fastest mammal in the world! Monitor cheetahs and leopards and help restore the plains back to their natural state. You’ll play a vital role in preserving African wildlife for the future. Please write to us with your resume attached and we shall send you more details: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com or call us: +256757389926 African Animal Rescue Project Volunteer in Africa and help with the day-to-day care and rehabilitation of animals that have been abused or injured. These might include monkeys, jaguars, lions, parrots and other native species. Please write to us with your resume attached and we shall send you more details: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com or call us: +256757389926 Wildlife Experience and Community Development Work with other volunteers and local staff in husbandry, data collection, habitat restoration and community development in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Spend time in a zoo improving living conditions of animals at a rehabilitation centre. This varied program will get you involved in Elephant conservation as well as community development in the countries above. Work with the local people to improve education and promote the work of the project in improved elephant care and conservation. Please write to us with your resume attached and we shall send you more details: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com or call us: +256757389926 Community and Environmental Conservation The Community and Environmental Conservation programs aim to improve the relationship between local communities and their natural environments. There are several projects working to improve the overall quality of life in rural communities around Africa. Experience raw Africa through the plains and you’ll witness its breathtaking landscapes, learn about nomadic cultures, help provide first hand data on wildlife activities and promote harmony between the community, wildlife and environment. Please write to us with your resume attached and we shall send you more details: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com or call us: +256757389926 Reptile Rehabilitation Project and African Experience Nurse injured and orphaned monkeys, plus baboons, snakes, crocodiles and any other animals needing attention. Longer-staying volunteers have the chance to work on sites that release monkeys back into the wild. Take in the best of African in a four-week program. Learn to cook African-style, meet the locals, visit the churches, explore the beaches and take part in a volunteer project or a week of adventure activities. Walk with monkeys and watch them hunt their first prey. This is a rare opportunity to get close to wild animals while contributing to valuable breeding and release work. Please write to us with your resume attached and we shall send you more details: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com or call us: +256757389926
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 10
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ChildCare and Orphanage Care Volunteer Opportunities needed for 1 to 3 months
Opportunity Description: NGO run orphanage/children’s home in Africa is full to the brim with children. With limited staff, resources and facilities, they are struggling to provide care, love and support to orphaned children. Being hugely understaffed, they have few learning or extra-curricular activities. Hope Development Volunteers through its domestic and international volunteers is able to provide this struggling orphanage with support and help. These could be in the form of improving their existing facilities, assisting the staff, teaching and helping with the general running and administration of the orphanage/children’s home. Volunteers usually help in refurbishing existing buildings, improving facilities, teaching Basic English, drawing, drama, conducting games etc. At this orphanage and children’s home you are typically greeted with big hugs, toothless smiles and children curious to touch and get your attention. These children are here due to poverty, disabilities, and homelessness and also as the only way to attend school. Through HDV caring for orphans and children’s home programs you can make a lasting difference in these young lives. You can care for children in many ways. Often no special skills are required, as volunteers are needed to spend time playing, reading, exercising and share time with the children. Since the host project is short-staffed and the volunteers’ attention gives the children the extra love they need. The need is expansive and long-term, so your opportunity to make a significant difference through service is likewise immeasurable. You can help expand and maintain residential training and daycare facilities or help host staff conduct recreational activities, teach classes and serve meals. If you have first-hand experience working with children with disabilities, professionally or personally, your expertise can be especially useful in this project. You can also provide direct services to deaf or mentally challenged children. No matter what your age, background, gender or ability, you can be a valuable resource to demonstrate the universal language of love, compassion and make a difference to the children’s’ lives! Hope Development Volunteers supports several projects in remote village districts Africa. The children’s home are attached to the sister projects run by our partners. Due to the remoteness of our projects in Africa, our sister project is currently trying to raise funds for a vehicle. HDV is looking to place volunteers to live and teach at the school and also assist at the orphanage. Placement duration is a minimum of 4-8 weeks. Please contact volunteer coordinator for more placement start dates.
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 10
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
Hope Development Volunteers supports organizations committed to the development of Africa

We empower African projects by linking international volunteers to them.

Thousands of people are anxious to donate their time and abilities but become frustrated because they don’t know where their talents are needed. At the same time, hundreds of African non-profit organizations are seeking competent volunteers to enable them to carry on their very important work. As a service organization, HDV has a dual role: providing the solutions for both the volunteer and the not-for-profit organizations. HDV is, in fact, a matchmaker.

We assure a good organization-volunteer match by gathering pertinent information about both prospective volunteers and non-profit organizations. 
Whether you are looking for a change of career, a year-out, a chance to improve your skills and experience or you are an organization looking for a volunteer, we can help.

For Volunteer Inquiries: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com 

To get volunteers: partner@volunteerabroadafrica.com 

Tel: +256-757-389 926

HDV is a not-for-profit organization established to function as an effective liaison in Africa between volunteers and non-profit organizations in need of volunteer services. Such organizations include health and human services, arts and cultural institutions, and community services among others. HDV is committed to providing an effective service to refer as many volunteers as possible.

We provide people an opportunity to help those less fortunate than themselves, without disturbing significantly their work and family responsibilities. Volunteering is probably the most rewarding travel experience available and our programs make it available to a wider audience.
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Mukono, Jinja Road, Uganda
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