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China California Heart Watch

Kunming City,CN

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Last Updated: 05.12.09
Web Site | Email Organization | Telephone No.
Countries/States Served: CN, CA
People Utilized or Employed: Internal Medicine
Types of Students Allowed:
Medical Students
Program Length: Short Term (Less than 1 month)
Language Skills:
Religious Affiliations:
University Affiliations: University of California, Irvine, College of Medicine
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Current Volunteer Opportunities (Unpaid Positions)
Volunteer Physician to accompany research and care trip in rural Yunnan Province, China needed for Less than 1 month
Opportunity Description: The China California Heart Watch (www.chinacal.org) is offering an exciting opportunity for a volunteer physician in the mountains near Tiger Leaping Gorge, China. This opportunity is only available during the period June 3 to June 25, 2009. You will have the opportunity to teach American pre med and public health students, care for patients with general medical and cardiac problems and teach village doctors in rural Yunnan Province, near Lijiang, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world, both physically and culturally. We are looking for a doctor to accompany our group, comprised of cardiologist and university professor, Robert Detrano, along with seven premedical and public health students, as we perform research and offer general medical care to areas that currently exist in a near vacuum of health care. We host daily clinics in the villages where we perform general health and cardiac care for patients, many of whom travel many miles to our clinics. You will not only assist with our daily clinics where we see patients for cardiac and general health issues, but you have the opportunity to work with Dr. Detrano on his ongoing hypertension research project, as well as being able to instruct eager students in physical diagnosis and basic clinical care. We have multiple bilingual assistants to assist you and our organization will pay your living expenses while here in China, and will pay $600 toward your round-trip airfare to Kunming city, capital of Yunnan province. Please contact Eric Schatzkin at eric@chinacal.org or Dr. Robert Detrano at robert@chinacal.org for more information.
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 1
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
Our organization, established in 2006, is a 503(c)(3) non-profit corporation incorporated in the U.S.. Our work furthers the understanding and relief of problems associated with hypertension and heart disease in rural areas of western China, where health care exists with minimal availability.

As well, our over-arching mission is to serve the rural poor in China through:

Medical research
Education and training of medical professionals
Providing free healthcare
Overseeing hands-on, once-in-a-lifetime, goodwill overseas experiences for individuals interested in any of the above.
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