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Alzheimers Community Care, Inc.
800 Northpoint Parkway
West palm Beach, Florida,FL,33407,United States

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Last Updated: 07.21.06
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Countries/States Served: FL
People Utilized or Employed: Trainable Volunteers, Geriatric Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Public Health, Social Work
Types of Students Allowed:
Medical Students, Premedical Students, Nursing Students, Prenursing Students
Program Length: Short Term (Less than 1 month) and Long Term (Greater than 1 month)
Language Skills:
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Current Volunteer Opportunities (Unpaid Positions)
Specialized Adult Dementia Speficic Day Center needed for 6 to 12 months
Opportunity Description: Volunteer Position Description Title: SADCP Volunteer/ Senior Companion Department: Day Care Services Supervisor:Program Manager Location:Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Pahokee, Stuart, North Stuart, Ft. Pierce Hours: 4-20 per week; as determined Purpose: To assist the staff in the day-to-day operations of the Specialized Alzheimer?s Day Care Program, enabling the program to operate at the highest level of quality. Duties: 1. Assist in daily set up of activity materials; 2. Assist in greeting arriving patients and families; 3. Assist in set-up, serving, and clean-up of snacks and lunch; 4. Assist with planned activities as requested by Program Manager or Designee; 5. Assist departing patients in collecting belongings; 6. Return program materials to appropriate storage space once patients have gone for the day; 7. Record hours worked on Volunteer Sign in/ Sign out sheet each day; Responsibilities: 1. Always notify a staff member if leaving the activity area; 2. Always notify a staff member if assistance is needed in an emotionally or physically stressful situation; 3. Advise Program Manager if an absence is necessary (if at all possible, try and switch your regularly scheduled day with another volunteer); 4. Provide proof that you are free of tuberculosis or any other disease in its communicable form prior to beginning work. Tests must have been completed within 45 days prior to begin work; 5. Ability to work indoors or outdoors when necessary; 6. Attend volunteer meetings to participate in patient care plan updates as requested, 7. Attend volunteer orientation or make arrangements to receive the material provided; Qualifications: 1. Genuineness with the ability to treat those with memory loss as dignified adults who have lived full and meaningful lives; 2. Empathy with the ability to understand how frightening and frustrating it must be to have progressive memory loss; 3. Unconditional respect, with the ability to be accepting of the patient as a unique and special person regardless of his/her behavior at any given moment; 4. Dependability with the ability to accept and follow directions from staff members 5. Be able to communicate with staff members; 6. Must have effective time management skills; 7. Level II Background Check reqiured
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 10
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Support Group Facilitator needed for More than 1 year
Opportunity Description: Title:Support Group Facilitator Department:Community Care Services Supervisor: FamilyConsultant Locations:Community Based Hours: 4-8 Hours per Month Purpose: To provide comfort and understanding to caregivers and families whose loved ones are afflicted with Alzheimer?s Disease or a related disorder by coordinating a group of caregivers and family members to meet on a regular basis to discuss their situations, feelings, concerns and support. Responsibilities: -Represent Alzheimer?s Community Care with professionalism and expertise; -Maintain confidentiality of support group attendees; -Establish a time and location for meetings under guidance of ACC; -Meet on a regular basis; -Be sure that attendance sheets are filled out completely and legibly and are turned into your Family Consultant as soon as possible; -Record Volunteer hours and turn in with attendance sheets; -Provide an educational component arranged with the Family Consultant. Speakers need to be cleared with ACC Administration. -Attend a facilitators orientation and refresher courses; -Develop a positive working relationship with the Family Consultant in your area; -Always notify your Family Consultant if you need to miss a support group, as far ahead as possible, so that a substitute can be arranged; -Create a safe atmosphere by communicating to the group that the discussion is confidential; -Stay in control of the meeting in order to give all participants a chance to speak; Qualifications: - A support group facilitator must be knowledgeable about Alzheimer?s Disease and related disorders as well as current research developments; - Must be an effective listener who has the ability to give non-judgmental feedback; - Must possess organizational skills that are needed to keep necessary records; - Must have the ability to show compassion while remaining emotionally strong; - Must be flexible as well as punctual; - Must have the ability to keep a sense of humor and encourage others to laugh when appropriate; - Must attend support group facilitator trainings, unless other arrangements made with Family Consultant.
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 4
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Family Consultant Internship Opportunity Description needed for 6 to 12 months
Opportunity Description: Title: Family Consultant / Care Manager Internship/Volunteer Department: Community Care Services Supervisor:Vice President of Community CareServices/Designee Location:West Palm Beach Headquarters and possibly other community locations Hours: 20 Hours per week/ task Purpose:The Intern in this position will acquire skills and knowledge about Alzheimer?s Community Care, through the Family Consultants/ Care Managers by way of the services that we provide. The intern will also learn and work with other community services, resources, and organizations that aid in support to families and victims of Alzheimer?s disease and Dementia. Responsibilities and Duties: - Answer the phones and provide information in the absence of the Family Consultant/Care Manager. - Assist in comprehensive services for implementing safety and preventative measures - Assist in care plans for patients - Assist in making follow up phone calls to caregivers, persons that live alone and other pertinent consumers - Participate and contribute to program development by sharing observations of changing community needs - Learn and maintain Alzheimer?s Community Care database information pertaining to keeping optimal function - Research area agencies, vendors, the services that they provide, and how to effectively use the services - Learn about the process of Alzheimer?s Disease and other Related Dementia?s, and be able to communicate information to the community and caregivers - Other duties as assigned by supervisor Qualifications: - Must be organized and effective with time management - Must be compassionate, empathetic and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills - Exhibit pro-active leadership ability for offering guidance in assessing and monitoring care - Knowledge of computer systems and ability to learn and utilize database system - Must have ability to exercise sound judgment - Must be able to work independently and ask for help when appropriate and necessary - Must be able to remain calm and professional when dealing with a crisis or stressful situation Training and Experience: The intern will be earning a degree towards nursing, social work, counseling, psychology, health care administration or related fields. Having computer skills and knowledge is helpful, but not necessary.
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 5
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
The mission of Alzheimer’s Community Care, Inc. is to promote and provide specialized, compassionate, quality care to Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders patients and their caregivers and insure their safety, health, and well being while preserving their dignity within a community-based environment. The organization serves as an innovative model of care which advocates for services and resources which are accessible, affordable, individualized, and evidence-based. We are a community-based, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, filed with the Secretary of State in Tallahassee in October of 1996 and established free of religious, political, national, or cultural affiliations.
We have ten Adult Alzheimer Dementia Specific Specialized Day Centers throughout Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie Counties, with our Headquarters located in West Palm Beach, Florida located off of 45th Street.
We are placing a safety net around both the patient and caregiver everyday.

Services and Resources

Alzheimer’s Community Care is committed to developing its strength through partnerships and collaboration with the entire community to enable all health and human service providers to be unified in effort and cause, diminishing duplication of services, and promoting the best and highest quality Alzheimer’s care for patients, caregivers, and their families.

Core Services Resources
Dementia-Specific Day Care Sites Support Groups
Family Nurse Consultants Information Referrals
Education and Training Emergency Respite
Alzheimer’s 24-Hour Crisis Line Annual Alzheimer’s Educational Conference
Remembrance and Celebration Cards
Quarterly Alzheimer’s Magazine
Alzheimer’s Alliance Membership
Volunteer Service
Prescription Benefits Service for Patients and CaregiversSearch and Rescue Training

Dementia-specific adult day care, community education and training,Alzheimers 24-hour local crisis line and free family nurse consultant services are the four cornerstones of Alzheimers Community Cares success. Alzheimers support groups and its prescription program complement those systems strongly.
Trips and Activities
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