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Africare House, 440 R Street, N.W.
Washington,DC,20001,United States

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Last Updated: 06.27.06
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Countries/States Served: Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, Mozambique, Mali
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this is for you | Rating: 0.11
this is for you
Posted May 12 2009 at 1:48 AM  

reivewe test | Rating: 1
reivewe test
Posted May 12 2009 at 1:55 AM    By rashid
Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
Africare helps Africa. Over the course of its 36 years, Africare has become a leader among private, charitable U.S. organizations assisting Africa. It is the oldest and largest African-American organization in the field. And Africa is Africare's specialty. Africare's self-help programs assist Africans in the broad areas of food, water, the environment, health, private-sector development, governance and emergency humanitarian aid. Africare now reaches families and communities in 26 countries in every major region of Africa. Since its founding in 1971, Africare has delivered more than $540 million in assistance -- more than 2,000 projects -- to 36 countries Africa-wide. Africare was created by Africans and Americans, working as partners, and receives its financial support from one of the most diverse donor bases in the charitable world. A special area of concern today is the AIDS crisis. Every minute, another African child dies of AIDS. Millions of African children are AIDS orphans. To learn more about Africare's work, or current programs, visit www.africare.org.
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